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>> we'll have to explore more later on. clouds and sunshine today. perhaps an isolated shower or storm as well. it will be warm and breesey with highs in the mid to upper 80s there. may be an isolated shower with a temperature of 81. 5:00 temperature about 86 degrees again with some isolated storms. heavy, rainmaking thunderstorms not moving very quickly yesterday. dropped several inches of rain. caused flooding across parts of prince george's county and southern maryland yesterday afternoon. this morning, all is quiet. and we like that. that's a good way to get your day started. mid-60s in martinsburg and cumberland. fredericksburg is 68. 69 on the bay and 67 down at the pax river naval air station. highs today, mid to the upper 80s. again, that isolated shower or storm possible especially this afternoon. angie goff is along right now. she'll tell what you to expect for your morning commute. >> thank you so much, howard. the story continues out in upper marlboro. green light stays on. no major accidents to tell you about at this point. we do have south osborn closed
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off between carol way and brentwood drive. it will be like this throughout the morning rush. use old crane highway. out to route 4 to make your way into the district. a wide view reveals as i mention before, no real problems out there. as we zoom on into the outer loop, happy to see the green cars telling you that drivers are moving at speed from 95 over to interstate 270. speaking of 270 back over to the maps, that's going to be our next stop tracking the southbound trip out of urbana outside past 80 down past 109 at this point. continuing on toward the split. lanes wide open. your travel times for you real quick. 66 headed eastbound. from fairfax to the beltway. the dulles toll road should be opened up. you should be able to access the inner loop and outer loop again since we started the 5:00 hour. inner loop, no problems from 395 over to the toll road. still ahead, a check on the gw parkway. back to you. thank you, angie. this morning, a search is
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underway for the source of a spill into the anacostia river. >> the substance was identified as some sort of petroleum-based product. surae chinn is live near the spill site in northeast with more on what we know so far. good morning, surae. >> reporter: good morning, we have more questions, questions remain of how many gallons have spilled into the anacostia river and where is it coming from? well, those are questions authorities don't know at this hour. unfortunately. but we do have multiple agencies trying to clean up and trying to contain the spill. we have the d.c. department of environment, the environmental protection agency and the coast guard and d.c. fire, they're all called around 6:00 last night. d.c. fire said the slick covers two miles of the anacostia river. as far south as the 11th street bridge and as far north as new york avenue. crews have been working through the night to contain the mess. >> we can say it is petroleum- based.
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we have booms deployed and we're still trying to determine how far north it has traveled at this point. >> reporter: well, the spill was discovered near 26th street and benning road around kingman island northeast. you may find some delays on new york avenue around anacostia river because crews have been putting booms in the river to clean up the mess but we've already driven through new york avenue, no closures right now. that could change momentarily and throughout the morning as they continue this cleanup. we also want to note that there is no report of any impact on wildlife but again, they don't know how many gallons have spilled into the anacostia and where it is coming from. back to you. >> surae live in northeast this morning. >> an investigation is underway into an overnight car fire. in spotsylvania county, virginia. 9news now photographer kurt brooks rolled up on this one on his way home. a parked car caught fire in the 800 block of lincoln drive. this is just outside the
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fredericksburg city limits. the flames spread to the closest home which melted siding ton. fortunately, no one was injured in this. >> police investigate the murder of an elderly georgetown resident. court records suggest a history of domestic violence in her home. a criminal affidavit from 2008 details an incident where viola drath's husband was accused of beating her with a chair, pounding her head into the floor and sitting on her. 91-year-old drath was found dead had her home friday. she was married to him for more than 20 years. he's 47 years old. a gaithersburg, man will stay in police custody in aruba through the end of the month. that's after a decision from a judge there. 50-year-old gary giordano is a suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner. the pair went to aruba together. giordano said gardner disappeared august 2nd while they were snorkeling. aruban authorities believe gardner is dead. the fbi has searched giordano's home for evidence using cell phones, computers and some
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documents. in political news, former virginia senator george allen is getting a major endorsement. house majority leader and virginia congressman eric kantor is supporting allen's bid to regain his old senate seat. he lost the seat in the 2006 election to democrat jim webb who isn't seeking re-election. four other candidates are also seeking the g.o.p. nomination. and big news for another politician from the commonwealth, virginia governor bob mcdonnell has been picked to head the republican governor's association. texas governor rick perry has stepped down to run for president. five minutes after 5. could time for the lat -- 5 minutes after 5:00. hopefully it is another have a va va va va voom day. >> if it wasn't for the sell- offs. >> dow jones industrial average is up 7% in the last three trading sessions. the merger monday helped to fuel the rally. today, new economic data is on
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the agenda. we're already seeing stocks higher in asia. checking the numbers here at home. dow stands at 11,482. 213 point rally in trading yesterday. yes, please, can we have more? the nasdaq added 47 points and the s&p 500 closed up by 25. the local help wanted signs are going out. walmart is opening another store in the washington area. it plans to hire around 300 associates to work at the store which will open in october in fairfax. walmart has opened a temporary hiring center on lee highway in fairfax and it will continue to take applications through friday. a start-up coming to the district this month, wants to fill the seat across from you. it is called let's lunch. the app connects with you another diner at the same area based on a questionnaire and information from your linkedin profile. then after a connection is made, you can have a quick power lunch with like-minded folks to network or have a little bit of company. sometimes it is nice to have somebody to have lunch with.
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>> this isn't a dating service. >> let's have lunch, let's make some friends, let's network and talk about business. a little quick power lunch with a stranger. >> interesting. >> interesting concept. >> what do you have for us in the next half hour? >> serious story about military retirement plans. they could be changing dramatically and we'll tell you the details of that plan coming up. >> thanks, jess. the suspect from a bomb scare in australia is arrested in kentucky. that story is coming up. >> plus, president obama is challenging the republican way of thinking on a campaign swing through the midwest. >> ahead in sports, an impressive performance keeps mike shanahan's starting quarterback off the top of the depth chart. we'll be back.
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it is quiet out there now and this afternoon, while we'll see some thunderstorm activity, isolated is the nature of what i'm expecting, lesser amounts of rain and storms of what we've seen the last couple of days. mix of clouds and sun. the hours of the wind direction, northwest to northerly, 10 to 15. we'll top out this afternoon in the mid to the upper 80s. up and downs in the seven-day forecast. i'll have that for you in a few minutes. right now, angie has your timesaver traffic. >> thank you, howard. we're taking a look at virginia's george washington parkway. tracking that southbound trip and finding that there are no issues or incidents to report from the beltway to the key bridge. still ahead, i have roads that matter to you early coming up at 5:16. back to you. see you then, angie. here's what's making news this morning. an fbi s.w.a.t. team in kentucky makes an
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arrest connected to a bomb hoax in australia. investigators say paul peters flew to the united states last week, was hiding in his ex- wife's home. peters is accused of breaking into a home in sidney and attaching a fake bomb to a teenager's neck for ransom money. police in bedford, virginia, have a suspect in custody after a shoot and standoff. deputies found two seriously wounded men on the suspect's front lawn. that suspect barricaded himself inside and later set the home on fire. he was taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation. authorities say all three men are relatives. president obama continues his three-day bus tour across the midwest this morning. he'll an holding an economic forum in iowa today. during a stop in minnesota on monday, the president crit -- criticized his republican rivals. some are moving to bethesda. we'll take you inside the new walter reed medical facility at
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5:49. >> debate on high school start times in the area's largest school districts. >> next at 5:14, howard has found breaks between the raindrops on the seven-day forecast. more on that coming up. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. coming up on 5:14 this tuesday morning as the week rolls along. thunderstorms keep rolling along with it. >> we may get a couple today but this will be less active than we've been seeing the last couple of days. tomorrow is really nice. by thursday and friday, more thunderstorms will be back across the region. and -- it is not a bad thing. having rain regularly. farmers like that. >> yep. >> gardners like that. >> water cycle. all part of the life cycle. >> let's all play the music now. weatherwise, we're talking about -- why do i hear elton john in my head. weatherwise, we've got sunshine, clouds mix in today. 75 degrees. i know it is better than the other voices, right, mike? 75 degrees at 9:00. by noon, 81. this afternoon, the isolated showers and storms will be possible. highs in the mid to upper 80s. the wind northwesterly today. look at the numbers.
5:15 am
13, 14, 12. that indicates it will definitely be breezy at times. have this upper level storm which is spinning near pittsburgh yesterday. now the circulation is up across new york state. today, you can see the northwesterly wind coming here, driving in the showers south and east. they were slow movers. the storms that did pop, they sat over the same spot, dropped plenty of rain. that's why in the afternoon had some of the flooding downpours off to the south and east. it is in the 60s in many areas. 73 at national. culpepper is 72. fredericksburg, hagerstown at 68 degrees. gaithersburg is very pleasant 64 this morning. outside reagan national, 73. breezy at 13 miles per hour. the dew points in the low 60s. a little bit of humidity there. not so bad. nationally, we've got cooler temperatures through detroit. you see the greens there. the northern rockies, great falls in the upper 40s.
5:16 am
cool stuff. 40 straight days of 100 degree weather, they'll get a lot of summertime heat across texas. storms across bismarck this morning headed toward minneapolis and then the storm system that we've been dealing with, sunday and monday with the heavy rains at times. now really plaguing parts of northeastern pennsylvania, eastern new york through northern new england with moderate to heavy rains. more rains may track down toward southeastern massachusetts. on the tail end of the storm. for us, we'll see what rotates down from the north to south. looks like it will be the general motion or north- northwest to the south- southeast as the storm system continues to spin. by noontime, coastal jersey, the delaware bay. maybe parts of delaware, we'll see the showers. then in the afternoon, couple of showers and storms popping. we'll quiet down tonight. looking good before more showers and storms return on thursday afternoon. here is the next three days. today, 88. chance of an isolated storm or two. tonight we're in the 60s and
5:17 am
low 70s. tomorrow, 80 near 90. thursday, more thunderstorms. 87. friday, a few more storms. might see a lingering shower before partly sunny and 89 and hot on sunday. it is time for angie goff. she's stepping in at 5:17 with your timesaver traffic. >> thank you very much, howard. hope you're off to a terrific tuesday, everybody. right now, green light stays on. want to take you over to our maps. show. >> closer look at 95 in virginia. we're tracking the northbound trip. outside, we're fighting through our cameras. everyone is moving at speed through lorton up toward that mixing bowl. back over to the real time graphics and this time, the focus is on 66 as you're making the eastbound trip out of haymarket. all of the lanes are wide open. that continues through manassas, continuing through fairfax. all the way to inside the beltway. as far as your travel times are concerned, maryland on the outer loop, from 95 to 270, still in the green moving at a great pace, about 10 minutes.
5:18 am
southbound 95 and the baltimore washington parkway checking out clear. the inner loop, clear no complaints to the wilson bridge. in my next timesaver traffic report at 5:24, a look at 395. >> a new web site we just launched. >> it is jci had with a click of a house, you'll find exclusive interviews with people making news. for instance, j.c. had the privilege of sitting down with maryland governor mar o'malley and his wife. it is all waiting for you at >> the redskins release a new depth chart ahead of friday's second preseason game. >> there is mixed news about the health of some washington starters. details coming up in sports. >> time for another look at the question of the morning. >> it is... one of the responses from
5:19 am
our facebook page, honeybee dmv, i'm allergic to citrus. aloe vera is only good for burns and dark chocolate is too rich. i have to say aloe. >> log on to and leave your response and of course, we'll review the answer later this morning.
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5:21. looking good out there this morning. in the sense the radar is all quiet. we may see a couple of showers try to sneak in toward northeastern maryland. 75 degrees at 9:00. by lunchtime, still a mix of clouds and sunshine. close to the 80 degree mark. this afternoon, some isolated storms will be possible here and there. temperatures by 2:45, mid to low 80s. a decent amount of sunshine with some isolated storms. this evening, most of us will stay dry today. over to you. if you're willing to make the drive to hagerstown, you can see stephen strasburg pitch tomorrow. >> i'll bet a lot of people are. >> redskins release the depth chart. we have the scoop in your morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. mike shanahan says wednesday will be the day he decides how much rex grossman and john beck will play against the colts. either way, it will make for interesting viewing. rex set the bar friday night.
5:23 am
he set it high going 19-26 for 207 yards and a touchdown. team released its updated depth chart yesterday. grossman one, beck two. of course, beck won't be crying too much. he will get plenty of reps. if you listen to santana moss, the defense should put up big numbers. >> this is our second year with this offense. knowing how productive we was in the past game, last year not being on sink all the time that, gave me the confidence, as long as we get together and do what we have to be do and that we should be on a roll. >> good news, landry says expect him back soon. mr. dirty 30 has been on the physically unable to perform list recovering from an achilles injury last season. thinking wednesday could be the day he makes his return and then he plans on playing against the ravens august 25th. bad news, chris, his knee continues to bother him to the point he visited dr. james andrews, the renowned
5:24 am
orthopedic surgeon. coach shanahan doesn't believe the knee requires surgery and cooley does expect to be ready for the opener. >> hagerstown, here comes super steve. strasburg will pitch on wednesday. nats manager johnson said expect strasburg to go about four innings or 60 pitches. august 7th and then five days later, he went 31 and 33 pitches respectively. only allowed two in singles. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm dave owens. have a great tuesday. >> a special event will honor the life of an area baseball player who made it all the way to the big leagues. >> plus once considered as untouchable as security security, the pentagon considering big changes to military retirement programs. quick check of traffic. angie. >> 395 headed northbound, no problems to report past duke street as drivers make their way to the 14th street bridge. >> a check on your d.c. roads.
5:25 am
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. >> we're talking about yesterday. >> we've got a newscast to do. >> the massage was great yesterday. >> you got a massage on tv. >> yes. >> national relaxation. >> you got paid to do that. >> i got one after the show. >> after the show. >> all right then. >> family show. good morning, angie. she'll be back with traffic. >> will your forecast put us in a good mood? >> i'm going to get to weather. you're dangerous people. weatherwise, we've got sunshine and clouds we'll be dealing with today. fewer storms than what we've
5:29 am
seen. that should mean fewer problems. here's the day planner. temperatures are starting, 60s and 70s out there. 73 at national. 75 by 9:00. partly to mostly cloudy by noon, some sunshine, 81. this afternoon, isolated showers and storms and isolated is the keyword there. highs will be in the mid to upper 80s. northwest winds at 10 to 15. you'll notice the breeze today. look at the radar from yesterday at 5:25. it was coming down fast and furious across parts of prince george's county, southern maryland, the northern neck. lots of rain from those folks. those storms are all gone and we have nice and quiet to start your tuesday. 65 in martinsburg. 68 leesburg and hagerstown. half-mile visibility in garrett county. 69 on the bay at andrews air force base. your highs today will be in the mid to the upper 80s. again, isolated thunderstorms. angie is stepping in with your timesaver traffic. >> thank you, howard. hope you're having a great morning, everybody. no new major problems to tell
5:30 am
you about. we do want to take you out to northwest d.c., show you how things are shaping up on constitution and 20th street outside. looks like you have the on- going construction, still very nice and quiet out here obviously. same situation on connecticut at macomb. all clear out that way. northeast d.c., eastern avenue at kenilworth. it looks like things are moving well. not too much traffic. as far as your trains are concerned, we're checking the rails at metro, vre, marc, they're running on time. still ahead, we're taking a look at the bw parkway. our next report at 5:38. >> today, president obama will not be far away from one of his newest republican rivals. >> the president is taking a bus tour through the midwest. today, he'll make more stops in iowa where he's expected to announce more steps to boost employment in rural areas. president obama is also criticizing the republican presidential candidates for refusing to consider tax hikes to deal with the federal deficit. >> you're not thinking about
5:31 am
common sense. you've got to be willing to compromise in order to move the country forward. >> i think the people of america are just looking for someone who's going to get america working again. >> the newest g.o.p. contender in the race is texas governor rick perry. he's also making stops in iowa. after announcing his candidacy over the weekend. mitt romney is concentrating his efforts on new hampshire. the first primary state. and the winner of the ames straw poll, michele bachmann is headed to south carolina today. hazmat units trying to contain a spill in the anacostia river was spotted last night. authorities have determined since then the substance leaking into the river is indeed a petroleum-based product. 9news now reporter surae chinn is live along the river with the latest when it comes to the cleanup. good morning, surae. >> good morning to you, mike. we're now near the anacostia river in the dark it looks peaceful and quiet. you can see the light reflecting off the water right there but unfortunately, there is stuff in the river that
5:32 am
should not be there. and we just don't know at this hour how much of the oily substance is actually in there and where it is coming from. a huge mess as multiple agencies try to contain the mess. and if you look closely at this video shot yesterday, you can see a dark trail of the substance in that water working through the night are the coast guard, d.c. department of environment and environmental protection agency and d.c. fire. booms were placed on the anacostia river before 10:00 last night. the spill stretches at least from the 11th street bridge and as far north as new york avenue. two miles of what d.c. fire is calling a petroleum-based substance covering the anacostia river is inside and it is also near kingman island. that 26 and benning road. the spill was discovered about 6:00 last night. hopefully in the morning we'll be able to see some of the crews cleaning up and putting more booms in the water to contain the mess. back to you, mike. thank you, surae, live in
5:33 am
southeast this morning. hagerstown suns minor league baseball team is remembering a player from nearby williamsport. the team will unveil a plaque at municipal stadium as part of nick aidanhart night. he made it to the majors. had a breakout pitching performance in 2009. sadly, only to be killed hours later by a drunk driver. tonight's proceeds benefit nick adenhart memorial fund. montgomery county police are investigating what may be a flash mob robbery. it happened early saturday at a 7-eleven in germantown. more than two dozen young people hit the store all at once and stole items off shelves. police have identified several of the suspects already through surveillance video. and they're investigating whether the robbery was organized through social networking. free three weeks from today, the class resume but some people are upset about what time fairfax county schools will start. the start time for high schools has been moved up to 7:20 a.m.
5:34 am
that means some students will be out waiting for buses before 6:00 a.m. some school board members say this just is not healthy. >> our high school students need more sleep. they're not getting enough sleep. they're supposed to have about nine hours per night. and 91% our teenagers in our schools are getting less than that 9 hours. >> but others say they've heard from parents who don't want school to end later saying that would impact their ability to have family dinners. moving the start time to middle schools would require fairfax to buy more school buses and hire more drivers. time for another "your money" report. jessica is here with some possible money changes for those who serve the united states. >> that's right. this is a proposal that's on the table that would change the retirement program for 1.4 million military service members. cbs news has learned that the pentagon is considering a
5:35 am
controversial plan. it would replace traditional military pensions with a 401(k) style matching plan. while this is far from a done deal, advocates say the plan would save the nation $250 billion over the next two decades. >> we're talking about an underfunding that starts to look like hundreds of billions of dollars in the next 20 years and if you want to maintain the core mission which is to defend the nation and have the strategic capabilities we need, you can't have all of the money tied up in retirement programs. >> here's what you need to know. the plan would eliminate the system under which anyone who serves 20 years is eligible for retirement and half their salary. instead, they would get a 401(k) style plan with government contributions and they would have to wait until normal retirement age to collect the proposal still in the early stages. it would require congressional approval but what this plan does show is that military retirement is no longer an untouchable budget item. the question next is will we also have discussions about
5:36 am
social security and medicaid, of course, given congress's budget cutting mindset right now. >> the president's commission before the whole deficit debate did recommend some changes in those social entitlement programs. >> the pentagon showing they may play ball in that arena. >> thanks, jess. today, we're going to learn more about plans to celebrate the opening of the martin luther king memorial later this month. >> plus, there are new developments in the discovery of a harmful algae in parts of the potomac river.
5:37 am
5:38 am
5:38. feeling real good outside this morning. upper 60s here in northwest. low 70s right at reagan national. clear skies. we've got the waning moon going on. really a slight breeze. like to get out and run, good morning for that. by 9:00, partly to mostly sunny. 75. mix of clouds and sun. 79. look at the breezes though. northwest at 15.
5:39 am
this afternoon, isolated showers and thunderstorms. 3:00 temperature, 85. we'll top off in the mid to upper 80s. looking good for tomorrow. still some more rain in that seven-day forecast. those details are just ahead. right now, angie has your timesaver traffic. >> as promised, we're taking a closer look at the baltimore washington parkway in maryland making the southbound trip past 198 through greenbelt. looks like you've got a clear commute early this morning. more maryland roads for you up at 5:47. back to you. >> we're now just over a week away from the ultimate celebration of a monumental life. the dedication of the new martin luther king jr. memorial. later this morning, d.c. mayor vincent gray will announce the city's plan for handling the crowds during next week's event. last week, mayor gray and other officials got a sneak peek at the king statue at the memorial. it will open to the public august 22nd. it will be dedicated august 28th on the anniversary of dr.
5:40 am
king's i have a dream speech on the national mall. >> we have a little good news about a water problem we first reported to you last week. health officials have issued some warnings about swimming in areas of the potomac river whereal al-- where algae is blooming. the blooms are starting to dissipate. as well as downstream regions, where drinking water intakes happen. away from the drinking water area. that's good. the fbi joins the search for a local man who was kidnapped in pakistan. that story is coming up. >> plus an inside look at the advanced medical facilities for wounded troops at the new walter reed national military hospital in bethesda. it is celebrating a birthday time today. kathie lee gifford is 58. her husband frank is celebrating a birthday today. james cameron is 57. oscar nominated actress angela
5:41 am
basset 53. >> madonna turns 53 today. he made us laugh on the small screen. steve carell turns 48. rumer willis, she turns 23 today. if it is your birthday, happy birthday. we'll be right back. ♪
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thanks for waking up with us. mr. howard bernstein standing by with weather first. boy, we've had some really interesting storms lately. >> heavy, heavy rainmaking storms. they're slow movers. a lot of tropical moisture in the area. some areas are missing the boat altogether. >> we didn't get anything yesterday except that big plop of raindrops for two minutes. >> his summer has been five inches of rain.
5:45 am
>> we're not getting the rain. >> hit-or-miss. >> one thing with the rain we've been having, the mold spores, if you're sniffling or have the tickle your throat, the mold spores were high. they like rain. they like it when it is a little wet out there. here is our day planner. we may get some isolated storms. we'll see a mix of clouds and sunshine through the morning hours. isolated storms this afternoon. your 4:00 p.m. temperature, 86. highs today mid to upper 80s and a breeze out of the northwest. you'll notice that 10 to 15 could gust to 20 at times. we're looking at the big storms from last night. they're gone. now, we've got some showers down across east central pa, looks like they're going to take some directions here, northeastern maryland here over the next few hours. if you're taking a drive up toward philly or new york this morning, you're going to run into some of that on and off and going up 81 up toward scranton, you'll run into some of that. cumberland is 64 along with
5:46 am
easton on the east shore. 67 at pax river. both newland and prince frederick, reporting 66 this morning. 66 bethesda. laytonsville, lovettsville. very comfortable out there with 65 now in vienna. 69 over at andrews air force base. reagan national, one of the warm spots thanks to the potomac river, 73 degrees. dew points in the lower 60s. we've got a spread now. west-northwest wind up there at 13 miles per hour. the big storm continues to spin up there across parts of new york state and new england with the rain continuing this morning. again, you can sort of see how this is trying to come down toward northeastern maryland, jersey, delaware. on the future cast as you watch the radars here, the simulated radars from the computer, the white being the clouds come through northeastern maryland. by noon over toward the jersey shore. south and west of town, more
5:47 am
sunshine. than let's say north and east. we go through the afternoon with some isolated storms popping up. by 5:00, we don't see all that much activity here. overnight, things quiet down. tomorrow, looks pretty good. maybe a shower in the mountains. that's about it on wednesday. as we head toward thursday, though, moisture increases. frontal boundary will be back here. ohio approaching buffalo, new york. a couple of showers possible. by middle of the day, look how the showers and storms pop. could be some heavier storms, too. by thursday afternoon, that's our commute home. could be a little difficult thanks to the showers and storms. today, all of the isolated storms will see a high temperature mid to upper 80s out there. breezy at times as well. winds gusting toward 20. tomorrow, sunny. very warm. highs around 90 degree mark. thursday, more showers and storms. again in the mid to the upper 80s. friday looking a little unsettled as well. upper 80s. saturday, the early shower.
5:48 am
then a hot sunday. right now looking dry and sunny with highs in the low 90s. angie is up. she's got some new information for you. >> thank you, howard. we have new crash activity to tell you about that comes from the capital beltway. yellow light is turned on. accident is on the inner loop in virginia on that off-ramp from route 7. something to keep an eye out for if you're traveling in those parts of the area. let's take you over to the maps. upper marlboro. still closed between carol way and brentwood drive. use old crane highway to route 4 to get around this. this is the repairs on the water main break that continue this morning. on the outer loop, we're building some volume around new hampshire avenue. no incidents to report out this way. 270 drivers, you've got a slow ride from 80 past 109. you can see taillights stacking up here. as for your travel times, 66 drivers heading eastbound, you're doing ok from the fairfax to the beltway. watching it build near 234.
5:49 am
267 the dulles toll road. same situation on 295 making the northbound trip to the 11th street bridge. we've got more traffic for you to kick off the 6:00 hour. for now, back to andrea and mike. >> making news now at 5:49, the israeli military confirms it has carried out air strikes in the gaza strip. hamas medical sources say three gunmen were critically wounded. others including children appear to have minor injuries. israeli officials say their action was in response to a rocket fired from a hamas- controlled area across the border. the fbi is working with pakistani and u.s. embassy officials to solve a kidnapping of a rockville man. 70-year-old warren weinstein was due home yesterday in the u.s. he was kidnapped over the weekend while finishing up an assignment for arlington-based je austin and associates. five north carolina men accused in a terror plot have pleaded not guilty. federal prosecutors say in 2009, the defendants plan to attack the marine base of
5:50 am
quantico, virginia. the accused ring leader and his son have already pleaded guilty. the five remaining suspects face life in prison if they're convicted. we're getting a first look at the remarkable medical care our wounded warriors have going to get at the new walter reed national military hospital in bethesda. >> they'll be moving there from walter reed's d.c. campus ahead of a september 15th deadline. our bruce leshan got a one-on- one tour. >> it was like my friends were doctors and they were treating me. they're some of the best doctors. >> the bottom line for any hospital, the health and welfare of its patients. lance corporal cory sugas in the new multi-million dollar physical therapy unit says he's never been better. really. never better. >> i don't have to worry about arthritis in my knees. i don't have to cut as many toenails or catch my socks. >> he has four different prosthetic legs. >> i have a microprocessor in my knee. >> he's a better snowboarder than before he was hit by an
5:51 am
ied in afghanistan. >> i was on the bunny hill all day when i went last time with my real leg on. >> the $1.2 billion expansion will make the new walter reed even bigger than the biggest mall in the world. 13,000 staffers, one million patient visits a year and organizers say it is all designed to heal our wounded warriors as quickly as possible. from the piano and fresh air in the lobby -- >> here we are, an example of one of our 50 bed icus. >> to the best equipment and the best view in the icu. >> here, you can be severely injured on the battlefield in afghanistan on a monday and you might roll into my icu on a thursday. >> in any huge bureaucracy, people sometimes lose focus on the core mission but hospital leaders here are determined to avoid the kind of scandal that engulfs walter reed a few years ago. >> from the beginning of the
5:52 am
war, our hearts were in it. our spirits were taking care of warriors. we now recognize some of the logistical challenges that crept up along the way. >> reporter: one measure of success, the big dreams of the young patients. >> what are your dreams? >> actually want to be a radiologist. >> a dream instilled by the doctors who have helped him. bruce leshan, 9news now. >> the admiral says injured troops who make it to a deployed medical unit now have a 98.5% chance of surviving, far better than they had in any previous war. just amazing, the physical therapy they can do that able- bodied people can barely do. >> one of the first people interviewed, the attitude is unbelievable. >> that makes a difference in your recovery. >> before we head to break, let's take another look at the question of the morning. >> doing this can protect from you uv rays. is it... >> one of the responses from
5:53 am
our facebook page wrote i hope and pray it is a, chocolate. maybe that's why i'm so pale because i love dark chocolate. >> log on to the page to post your guess and comments. leave your response and we'll reveal the answer in about an hour. >> still ahead, an actress announces her engagement and hours later, her marriage. all on twitter. details coming up. >> plus a look at the actor taking on the role of conan the barbarian more than 30 years after arnold made it famous. >> beauty on the cheap can be done while using the highest of the high end brands. i'll show you what's inside this box coming up at 6:05. you're watching 9news now. i'm a dancer. and until now, my feet showed it.
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[ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing foot cream. 7 penetrating moisturizers and vitamins, 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker. this stuff really works. it is 5:56. pretty quiet out there this morning. doppler is quiet. however, we'll watch some of the rains in pennsylvania as they try to come down toward northeast maryland by 9:00. up 95, you may run into some of that traveling toward philly this morning. south and west, quieter. potentially a little bit more sunshine. we'll go through midday. might see a couple of clouds here and there. temperatures approach the 80
5:57 am
degree mark. this afternoon, isolated showers or storms. 85 at 3:00. and for this evening, going out. hey, looking pretty good around here. mid to upper 80s. still may see an isolated shower over in the mountains. angie? >> thank you, howard. oh my goff a critically acclaimed show gets one more run. breaking bad has been renewed for 16 photograph ep saids. this after tense talks between cable network amc and show producers. this will be the fifth and final season. emmy winner bryan cranston stars as a chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin. 34 years ago today, america was shocked to learn the king of rock n' roll had died at just 42 years old. elvis presley sold 500 million records, more than any other performer. next month, fans will be able to buy a five cd box set to commemorate elvis' break
5:58 am
outyear of 1956. it will feature live performances from the first two albums. actress tara reed revealed her marriage via twitter. she got married in greece. the 35-year-old had tweeted she was engaged then the next post read just got married in greece. i love being a wife. tacky or trendy? >> tacky. ok. will a remake of the conan the barbarian be the making a new star? it hits theatres next week and 32-year-old jason is stepping in the role made famous by arnold schwarzenegger. our partners at "usa today" says it gives more finesse than arnold's version. he's best known for his small screen roles on stargate atlantis and more recently of warlord. getting hot in here or
5:59 am
something. i hear he's sexy. before we go, how about -- before we go, how about a way to go to some members of our 9news now family. reporter lindsey mastis finished the chicago half marathon dressed like a chicago gangster. she said they can say when i was a gangster, i ran chicago. lindsey's husband and channel 9 digital media director crossed the finish line in the windy city. congratulations to them. >> yay! >> we both have ran and that's tough. >> it takes me a week to do a half marathon. >> lindsey did it in two hours and 20 minutes. >> she was cruising. >> way to go, lindsey and patrick. >> congratulations! >> you go. >> all right, i will. you're watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. we're glad for that. i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm andrea roane with the

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